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Dutch Hippies Drop A Killer Alt-Rock EP

If you're not too familiar with the sounds of Dutch Hippies as of yet, then let us be among the first to introduce you to this unique and catchy duo as they have recently released a five-song EP and it does an outstanding job of capturing an honest alternative rock style.

This project it seems, has seen many releases and this new record hits a very full-throttle rock sound and does so with gusto.

The songs can be very catchy and do keep to Some solid hooks that give the songs that additional push, but their energy level is through the roof, and it really works wonders in terms of the mix of those aggressive guitars and those belting and full-bodied vocals.

This is such a glorious combination, and it works for them particularly well, and throughout it all you get that real-deal alternative rock edge, especially guitar-wise.

These songs are certainly addictive, and you can find yourself singing along with them by the second run-through.

This EP feels a lot bigger than it actually is and they definitely managed to pull off a lot within those five songs that make you feel like you listen to a full-length album.

This record has some power behind it and is beyond enjoyable for anyone who loves hard rock music with some passion behind it.

"This record is like a time capsule of our time living in NYC. We were working on a deal with Diana from Wind Up records at the time, this album was partially the demo for them. We decided after all these years, it was time to release the songs." - Dutch Hippies

We definitely give this an easy 9 out of 10 and suggest that you hit this record as soon as you can.

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