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Dissona Takes You Into Their World With A New EP

A recent EP release from Dissona breaks out some intense and cinematic metal soundscapes that come through with a certain vastness that pulls you in and wraps itself around you.

The Dreadfully Distinct EP comes through with an almost orchestral metal undertone as there are synth strings that fill the space and add intensity to an already lush atmosphere.

The musicianship on this record from drums to guitars, bass keys and vocals are all incredibly tight but the real key to this whole thing are those guitars because they're just outstanding from beginning to end.

I feel like there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this record and that includes the tonality of everything along with the arrangement and how the production sounds so polished.

There's a lot of brutal heaviness happening here and when they want to break into a drudging and deep-rooted mosh pit-inducing segment, they sure don't hold back from that but all in all, this is very intense and melodic metal.

I love this sort of theatrical feel the record boasts and this is something that makes me also realize that some of these songs are interconnected with each other which would almost make this like a concept release of sorts.

I love the surprises around some of the corners of this release and how the production is perfectly done and even though there is so much intricacy in that production and in the arrangements of these songs, it never loses that character or that intensity.

Some of these tracks are very relatable, and a lot of them burst into epic climaxes that feel anthemic but with a haunting edginess to them.

I love that almost electronic underbelly that this record boasts at times because it just adds to that cinematic backbone, and it all comes together making something that is unique and slightly envelope-pushing, but it's all done so well with so much Sheen that you can't really look away.

The drumming on this record is crazy and super tight and, in the pocket, but it also gives the songs and added drive and helps everything feel alive and breathing in its own way.

And that's the thing with these songs, they do feel sort of alive and they all have their own personas.

This is something you don't come across often so when you do it comes through as a sort of escape where you can step into a different reality for a little while and out of your own.

This is something I look forward to in a lot of different kinds of music although I don't get it often.

With this record, it's a full level of escapism and it almost feels science fiction or Fantastical in its own right.

I love being able to dive into this EP and sort of exist in this other plane where the songs do because they have ways of painting vivid imagery in your head.

This release was huge and had a lot more going on than you'd first expect so by the time you get through the three songs you have to sort of snap yourself back into reality again.

This is something that most music needs these days.

That level of escapism that's delivered with music that's so full-bodied with such massive arrays of sounds, and textures to make something otherworldly. 

Take a deep dive into this release when you get a chance and you'll find yourself swimming through layers of melodic, edgy. and even orchestral metal.

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