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CURVER Drops a Vast and heavy Single

A new single release from CURVER brings out a heavy-handed but very vast classic '90s underground alternative rock soundscape and they do it with elements of shoegaze and a heavily fuzztone approach that all come together and create this sort of atmosphere that you just fall right into.

"Breather" boasts a little bit of a nostalgic feel for me because I grew up listening to these kinds of bands and I'm talking about a time. When you'd hear a track possibly on the radio or late-night MTV, you may have read about them in a magazine even, and then you go and find their track or album on places like LimeWire or Napster, and you would download it.

Yes, this is the time. I grew up in and yes it was awesome believe it or not.

What I mean is bands like Hum for example come to mind quite often especially in the sonic presence and soundscape of the guitar tones alone along with this vastness and gigantic atmosphere that they put forth with vocals that sort of float around through the songs either and are anything but in the upfront of the track.

There is an amazing heaviness to songs like this but it's melodic and has a certain pace to it so that as heavy as it is and as hard-hitting as it sounds, it also can sort of keep you floating a few feet above the ground, and this is a sound that I've missed for a very long time.

The energy that's captured on a song like this one in particular is unbelievable because it almost feels like the song was recorded live on the floor as if the players are just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and this gives the whole track the feeling of being alive and breathing.

There are swells, slow builds, sways, and just waves of sound that come down crashing, so you end up getting engulfed in the soundscape of the whole thing and then eventually washed away with it.

This is an alternative rock style that combines an almost droning undertone with grunge and certain kinds of augmented chords that feel open, and this gives you the sense of a heavy rock sound that feels freeing. That feels good.

Important factor Dimension about the genre because if you don't know much about it then you might find yourself going down the rabbit hole of bands like this and if you're going to do that I would start with this track and then check out more in the way of a heavy shoegaze or grunge combination.

I mentioned the band Hum earlier but there are many more like them and these guys really capture this particular aesthetic so incredibly well that it even caused certain memories to pop into my head at random.

This to me was kind of a beautiful connection to be made.

Songs like this are robust and full-bodied, but they have heart with the heaviness and there is a certain gracefulness in that kind of performance and songwriting that you don't quite get in a lot of other genres.

This was an awesome track by a band I will be 100% paying more attention to in hopes that they release some new stuff soon.

If you're a fan of freeing, heavy, vast, and engaging heavy music of any kind then this is definitely for you.

I'm giving these guys and this track in particular a 9 out of 10 and this is because they can really hit that aesthetic so well that it blew me away a little bit, to be honest.

I definitely would want to see them play this live in my face.

Check this out and turn it up.

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