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citeMe brings a fresh vibe to pop music

CiteMe drops a full length album and it shines with a neon lit dance pop vibe through and through.

The Stamp The Card album takes on some personal triumphs and struggles and does it all with a vibrant pop aesthetic loaded with creative and catchy synth hooks and takes both old and new school styles and blends them together smoothly.

There is an edginess to the record that's hard to pin down. It's got it's own quirkiness that stands out from the crowd and shows a songwriting and production methodology that has less boundaries than others.

The album has an earful of creative vocal tracking and an incredibly colorful and alluring feel to it.

Stamp The Card also has plenty of surprises and you never know what's to come next. You just know it's going to have some fun and slightly outlandish future pop quality. This becomes the norm as you go through the record and get down with the songs.

The album signifies what pop artists are capable of these days and we can only hope for more of the same from CiteMe.

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02 oct 2021

This was a lovelly blog post

Me gusta
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