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A Lush Pop Album From Cindy Sterling

A new album release from Cindy Sterling brings out a lush pop approach that comes with a personal honesty which makes a lot of these songs feel very genuine and authentic and gives you a sense of her character as a person and as an artist as well.

Roxbury Romance is the kind of record that actually has layers you can peel back, and each track feels like it serves as a different chapter in her life in a certain way which gives the record the sense of being a concept album of sorts.

By the time you get halfway through this record, you begin to learn to expect the unexpected because you get such a great variety of pop overtones that are blended in with her personal touch and persona which never leaves but stays strong throughout the course of the record.

I love the sense of character that the entire record portrays and how that plays as such a strength to the performances of the songs.

This is an album where there are definitely a handful of singles at least, that stand out however, having said that, this is indeed the type of record you want to listen to from beginning to end this way you can soak it in the way it was meant to be.

These are stories and situations to be told and they are interconnective in different ways so for you to really get the full feel of the record, it should be listened to as a whole and I miss albums that are supposed to be listened to as a whole like this.

We live in such a single-based society these days that I love hearing an artist that has such a youthful vigor and such maturity in songwriting release a full-length album so you can escape from your reality and jump into hers for a little while.

This is what certain kinds of music are really about and I think that indie pop in general has been now kind of oversaturated and because of that, underrated so to hear this record makes such a perfect point in that the genre can have a lot more meaning than people think especially at first glance.

There's definitely some great emotional drive behind a lot of these songs and she does a great job of blending soul, R&B, pop, and even rock into the mix throughout this album.

The production and music are inventive and the whole record feels like it has fewer boundaries than its predecessors.

There's color, edginess, heart, honesty, and a lot more to swim through and this again, is why listening from beginning to end is important here.

Although there was some great attention to detail throughout the creation of this record, it never loses that heart, and it never loses that personality.

Her singing and vocal approach also sort of changes a little bit between songs which is something else that I really like because she falls into these characters depending on what the song is.

It's all really well-woven and smart songwriting.

I would suggest popping on some headphones or turning this on in the car and listening to the full record because you get a lot from it.

I'll give this a 9 out of 10 hands down.

A beautifully performed and well-thought-out album release from a young and bright artist who is paving her own path in the pop world.

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