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Chris Norman Takes On A Legend of A Single

The latest single release from Chris Norman brings out a classic and honest revision of a classic and it feels charming and just right.

The rendition of "Always on My Mind" has an impactful and heartfelt feel that's so genuine that you'd think he performed it for someone special. And he likely did.

This one came from the heart and it's clear that the artist puts a lot of love into the performance as vocals are passionate and the song bursts into full orchestrated form with backing vocals that keep to a gospel undertone, classical acoustic guitar solos, and string sections that fill the air and give it a full-bodied atmosphere.

This was built from the ground up and it's not an easy cover to perform but for someone like Norman, it feels like second nature.

This isn't too surprising given the artist track record. If you listen to other releases, you can instantly hear why this came out the way it did. With love and with soul.

The song still has that certain magic that the original did and that is exactly why it works so well, and why it's so impactful still.

The track itself will never die out. The performance from Chris Norman shakes things up a little bit in all the best ways possible.

If you don't know much about Chris Norman, you can find out plenty from his website and Spotify which boasts quite a lush catalogue of releases dating back to 1978 and that experience as an artist surely shows in this release.

We suggest starting with this single, and then taking some time to go through is previous releases. It's well worth it.

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