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BigHBeats Teams Up WIth Alta Caeli To release Fresh Music

A killer single release from BigHBeats and Alta Caeli brings a fresh vibe and a crisp and vibrant hip hop tone that blends a few different styles together and wraps in up with an attention gabbing chorus.

"Forever" has a unique style and approach to it with a beat that feels current and genre bending with eerie keys that sound like something from a horror film along with an absolutely smooth flow rap wise.

Everything comes together with a nearly perfected taste and it all hits that sweet spot that makes you just feel a track in your bones.

These two certainly make an outstanding team and they have built a single that sounds like it's ready to be on the air and at the same time keeps true to a touch of that underground style as well.

BigHBeats is known for producing beats and tracks that venture outside the norm and still reach out and grab you quickly. He has been releasing his music for a long time and has a massive catalogue under his belt beat wise especially.

Alta Caeli has been dropping tracks since 2017 on Spotify and also has a great set of releases to dive into.

It's a great move for artists like these to collaborate and create something special.

If you have time, once you check out "Forever", check out a bunch of other material from both of these guys because you're bound to find more than a few hidden gems.

We have already.

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