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Beggars Whisky

Beggars Whisky, a band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, have a name that's as enigmatic as it is catchy. Hot on the heels of their album Tap The Keg, they've dropped a new single, "The Edge," which cements their gothic rock evolution. 

While fundamentally a rock band, Beggars Whisky leans heavily into a gothic aesthetic, especially on "The Edge." This track simmers with a fiery intensity and a hefty dose of attitude. It’s a song you could easily dance to, evoking the gritty atmosphere of a midnight biker bar. There's a palpable sense of danger woven into its fabric. 

Their EP showcases a versatile sound palette. The opener, “Sold My Soul,” brings a touch of grunge with a unique vocal twist. Yet, it’s the second track, “Insect Ball,” that truly stands out. Beginning with scrapey guitar riffs and distorted strains, the song melds country influences with dark, vivid lyrics, painting images of an insect wedding. 

“Dump Truck” is a hard-hitting rocker laden with suggestive innuendos, while the final two tracks elevate the EP further. “Ride or Die” boasts a raw, organic sound, and “Something I Know About” is a beautifully crafted tune that highlights the vocalist's exceptional range, complemented by a subtle yet poignant piano arrangement. 

Beggars Whisky have carved out a distinct niche for themselves. Their music and vibe resonate with an authenticity that's hard to ignore, and it’s likely to strike a chord with listeners who appreciate their unique blend of gothic and rock influences.

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