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An Opus of a Metal Single from Visions of Morpheus

A new single release from Visions of Morpheus brings out a vast and theatrical metal approach that creates such an intense and lush atmosphere that you end up getting sucked right into this track from the get-go.

"Ghost" is appropriately titled if you ask me simply because it does bear quite a haunt in its tonality. With that ambiance, you get all kinds of intricate notes and instrumentation that float through the song's ether and build the aesthetic that the song ends up delivering.

This track does a wonderful job of creating a sonic presence that is thriving and driving as it delivers a full-bodied character that you end up getting attached to.

This track has an impactful and powerful embrace. It's almost gothic and dark edginess brings out such a strong theme that you end up not only getting engulfed in this massive opus of a track musically, but you also paying attention to what's going on lyrics.

The track is packed with outstanding guitar work from the riffs to lead harmonies that add layers to everything. The drumming is deep-rooted and powerful with a pounding and rumbling precision but also adds this sort of liveliness to the song.

There are incredible progressions and changes throughout the track and the entire thing is actually orchestrated incredibly well because it's got a lot of attention to detail and its creation from the arrangement to composition, and especially in the performances.

Everything feels flawless and packs a heavy-handed punch but also has gracefulness, which lets the song almost float.

This combination of character, vast gracefulness, and orchestrated heavy metal really that's the song feel alive and breathing in its own way.

One of the things that really blew me away about this track is the energy level of this entire performance because it's completely electric and gives the vibe of something that would come from a live show.

Again, this is very theatrical, and it feels like the players involved are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time which is again what delivers such a heavy impact and energy.

Here's the thing. This track and the project itself is held by a man named Jeff Pearson who is a multi-instrumentalist and composer,

As a vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter, it's very likely he performs almost everything on this track aside from the drums.

This knowledge makes everything feel even more impressive because that whole live and electric energy is just one man feeding into his own vibes.

This is the kind of project that makes you wonder how someone brings a vision through to fruition, especially with a song this robust.

I'm listening to this single I had no choice but to take a bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of Visions of Morpheus and I'm glad that I did because I came across a few other singles that were released recently that also a little bit of a different side of the songwriting approach and artistry of this project.

It seems Jeff has been able to put together a band for live performances haven't gone through some lineup changes previously but for the most part, he's in charge of performing and writing a massive portion of what you hear on the recordings.

This single speaks volumes for the project and Jeff is an artist because you're getting such an invasive and expansive metal soundscape that is oozing with persona and idealism, insane creativity, and intricacy that all get rolled up into one massive performance.

This track has a way of wrapping itself around you and taking you into a different world altogether, so you get pulled away from your own reality.

It was a great escape, and that is something that is a gift in music that you don't get often.

Check this track out when you can and in my opinion, do it with headphones on so you could really soak in everything that's happening throughout this track.

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