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an oceanic sized journey with The Spiral Theory

The Spiral Theory just gave us a great work on indie rock with a classic twist. The Turn of The Tide album has it's alternative edge at times but really hovers around that late 90's radio rock .

Combining some progressive drumming with layers of guitars filling any empty space, these guys give off a vibe that crosses The Police with Gin Blossoms and sprinkles on some walking basslines and strong vocal harmonies.

The songs are a show of both light and dark and the record played in full feels like a concept album taking you on a set of physical and personal journeys.

Songs like "Gameday" hit the musical anthemic strong point. Completely instrumental but seriously fun and uplifting pulling off a song that could easily be in a film.

All this while others like "Dirty Water" get you bopping to it's addictive rhythm and rocking hard with the band.

The Spiral Theory sounds like a group of seasoned musicians that put some real love into this album and it's 100% worth a listen.

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