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An Interview with The Free Spirits

A new single release from The Free Spirits brings out a warm and welcoming groove that hits the energy of a live performance at times with lush vocal harmonies and a wonderful blend of color, spirit, and a little edginess as well.

"Good for the Robin" comes through with such a lush character at times that I found this is one of the biggest things you end up clinging onto throughout the track.

There are definitely more than a few surprising changes and some experimental sections here musically and production-wise which adds some layers to the track that you didn't expect when you first started listening, and the song also starts adding and building onto itself instrumentally so that you have an ever-growing kind of tonality to it.

There's something almost theatrical or cinematic about this track as well and I think it's the way it feels like it's almost alive and breathing because of the arrangement and how the guitars build and layer.

The guitar work across the board on this track is outstanding and the percussion pushes that envelope even more because it doesn't only drive the song but there is a cool breakdown section right in the middle that throws you off track but it's so cool.

The main riff is super catchy and memorable and is a big part of that chorus that ends up sticking in your head for hours or sometimes even days after the track has ended.

This was very colorful and very fun and has a wonderful way of kind of crawling under your skin.

It sounds like the mixing process and the recording process was a lot of fun because you can tell they put a lot of heart into it but there's also that element of looseness that comes with the character of the band itself and the song itself, that doesn't sound loose musically but has this almost animated character to it.

The song also beckons quite a few questions that are pertinent right now in general and if you really listen to the lyrics there's a message that makes a lot of sense here.

This has such elements of classic and vintage rock involved with it and you can hear these different influences peeking through during the track along with their particular formula of that's what music should evolve into.

I feel like music should have some experimental elements to it and if you're doing pop rock music like this or classic rock music or any kind really, you should have a level of freedom to not have to follow some kind of cookie-cutter formula, and The Free Spirits is a damn near perfect example of a project that paves their own path musically.

Maybe that's why they're called The Free Spirits after all.

With such a memorable single release we wanted to have a sit-down with the band to find out where this track actually came from and what might be coming up next for them.

Here's what happened.

RAG: Let's start with "Good for the Robin"! This song had a classic rock vibe and a blend of edginess, soul, and color! How did this song come about?

We were listening to Love train by The O’Jays on Darryl’s house, and We were musically inspired.

The lyrics were inspired from what is going on in the world right now.

RAG: I'm hearing some great styles on this. Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

Yes dire straits Jeff Beck.

RAG: Are you guys performing live right now? 

Yes, we are at our next gig is March 23 at the West Plains Church in Burlington


RAG: Are you working on new material right now? Anything coming up next?

Yes, we are just mixing our second album which is called Circle of sound and will be available on cd a in a few weeks. We also have been releasing digitally.

RAG: Who is in all your headphones right now?

Infected mushroom

RAG: Do you record at a big studio, or do you have a home set up?  

Both most of our album is Dunn in a home studio. Chris Birkett is an international award-winning Record Producer and has one numerous awards, including an Emmy this year for

Sound design on Buffy Saint Mary’s documentary along with 4 Juno’s, a Polaris prize, golden Real awards and more 

RAG: What kind of things inspire you to write, and do you write songs together? 

Yes all compositions are done by both of us.

RAG: What are you guys doing when you're not making music?

Chris is producing other artists, and I am teaching and playing online concerts and  teaching music.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Listen to our 1111 album and new album which has surprise arrangements, inspiring lyrics and  multi genre masterpieces.

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