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An In-Depth Album Release from Marios Politis

An album released by Marios Politis gives off a lush array of alternative and progressive rock with a vast undertone with each song telling a story that almost feels like it serves as a chapter in the artist's life which gives the record a massive character and a connective feel.

The This Is My Story album feeds into the artist's inner thoughts and delivers some emotional drive indeed along with a great rock soundscape that covers a lot of ground and gives such outstanding guitar work that some of the songs even sound and feel cinematic.

This record serves as a way for Marios to wear his heart on his sleeves and talk about things and the only way he knows how to get them off of his chest, which is through his music, and this in itself is part of what makes the record so good and, in my opinion, what most art should really be about.

There are more than a few surprises around the corners of this album and what's impressive to me is the sheer fact that Marios himself is a composer not just a songwriter and his blend of an almost orchestrated undertone at times mixed with a heavy rock feel works wonders.

Now, having said all that I must touch on the fact that there is some strong classic rock influence being pulled here as well and you can hear the mix of newer heavier almost alternative rock and metal in combination with that vintage classic rock undertone that comes through.

This is something I adore about the record because it makes things feel more forward moving and the whole album has this beautiful flow to it with songs that are connected in different ways which makes this almost like a concept record.

This is indeed one of those albums that you want to listen to from beginning to end all the way through even if it's not an actual concept record.

Personal and sometimes outside perspectives but the bigger part of that is if you listen to only one or two tracks from this release, you were getting nowhere near the full range of what the album actually has to offer.

Being able to soak in the whole album like this is a wonderful thing because I come from a time when you would hear a song on the radio or read about it in a magazine and then you would go and try and find it and when you did, you would be purchasing the whole album that the song came along with.

The beauty of that is when you went home and listened to that album you got a whole experience, and this is what Marios delivers with this record.

This album has a way of pulling you away from your surroundings and letting you escape into someone else's life for a little bit and that in itself is a gift that only certain kinds of music can give.

I love records that are an escape, and this is done in such a way that the lyrics can be descriptive so you can paint vivid pictures, or they can talk about just those inner thoughts with such great detail that you can relate to them heavily.

This record is produced incredibly well and the whole sound of it is polished and crisp, but it still has a meaty and thick heaviness to it for those bulkier songs meanwhile some tracks are cleaner and those are the ones that have a little bit of a different kind of emotional drive to them, but you find yourself getting attached to those as well.

This is an album written by a man that has a true love for his craft and utilizes that craft to let things out and this is part of why this record has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

The songs can be catchy and some of them are coated with a pop finish but all in all, these are meaningful tracks that came from someplace genuine and real making the whole album super authentic.

It's that character that you get attached to like I said.

Definitely give this record a spin and listen to it nice and loud or listening to it with headphones is even better.

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