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An Honest New Release from Drey

A new single from Drey delivers an honest sentiment and a soundscape that blends vintage pop with a fresh approach, and it all comes with a wonderful persona and atmosphere that shows you a part of who she is right from the start, and this is something you become attached to very quickly.

"Where Do I Go?" is a lush song that has these sorts of swells that let the song flow and create the feeling of being alive and breathing.

The track has such a vibrant undertone and a youthful appeal because it's definitely emotionally driven and that's something that connects with people so when you hear it you really can relate to it and there is also this hint of nostalgia that you get and it's not just from the music but it's more from the lyrics because it feels like this is a song that could have been used as the soundtrack to a chapter in your own life at some point.

She definitely talks about her fears and just being a little bit lost at a certain time in her life and that's something that we all have felt or our feeling so we totally get it when we hear the song and for Drey this may have been even cathartic to write and release but for the listener, it makes us feel like we're not alone when we have these kinds of thoughts or feelings and that is a gift musically.

The whole production is beautifully done and the further in you listen the more layers of instrumentation come into play and the song starts to become more orchestrated than it did in the beginning.

This form of arrangement is something that shows that this artist knows exactly how to write a song that has a build to it, and you never lose any of the heart or character that it began within the first place.

This may be the most important aspect of it all because that's what lets us sort of get engulfed in a song like this.

When you listen to the song, you'll have memories of your own that pop into your head at random and you might just be thinking back on a certain point in your life where you felt the same.

If that's exactly what happened to me when I listen to it and I feel like that's not something that happens often so when I have a song that hits me the way this one did and triggers memories and thoughts, I absolutely adore it because we need more music like this in the world.

Music that makes us think or that makes us feel or both really.

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to pay a lot more attention to Drey and what else she's releasing in the coming months.

After listening to this track, I had to check out some of her previous releases and I found a handful of singles that really bear as much Soul as this track does but in different ways and different approaches.

There are always massive levels of honesty and she has a wonderful way of wearing her heart on her sleeves and just giving it all out to the world.

I would suggest starting with this track and then listening to her previous singles and do it with headphones on so you could really soak in everything.

A beautiful track from a wonderful new artist that is paving her own path in the world of pop.

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