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An honest And Robust EP From Melissa Quinn Fox

An EP release from Melissa Quinn Fox delivers a vivacious and very honest display of character in the form of Americana and country singles with enough persona for you to latch onto and get attached from the get-go.

The Everything Changes EP gives off such an incredible energy that it feels almost like some of these songs were recorded live on the floor as if the players are just feeding off of each other's energy the entire time and even if I'm wrong about that, it still makes you want to see this whole thing live because if the energy is captured that well on record then to see it live must be ridiculous.

One of my favorite aspects about this whole release is the actual honesty that's given off throughout it because this makes the songs all the more authentic.

There are real situations that back up these songs and help create them along with the emotions that go along with it all.

This is the type of record that you listen to from beginning to end even though several tracks stand out so well as singles, this was meant to be soaked in as a whole because this way you get the full feel for who she is as a person, especially on this record.

These tracks feel like they almost serve as the soundtrack for chapters in her life and she was able to get them out so listening to the entire record gives you the full story.

You also get a beautiful display of what I feel has this sort of cinematic backbone in these songs and it's a kind of vastness that exists underneath everything that's happening right up front.

There are instruments and notes that sort of float through the ether of some of these tracks giving them this depth in the production.

Some of the time I also get classic rock influences like Fleetwood Mac for example popped into my head when listening to certain tracks and maybe that was a big influence for Melissa.

Either way, the artist can channel such real and robust vocals but she's also able to fall into these different characters per song which is impressive to say the least.

There's something about this record that feels somewhat nostalgic in a strange way and maybe it's because of the songwriting approach to them because a lot of these tracks feel like you've been listening to them already for years now.

They're relatable, welcoming, warm, and genuine, and they have that classic undertone to them in a way.

The choruses are really big most of the time and they have a way of sticking with you for a long time after the songs have ended.

Melissa definitely knows how to deliver that persona and give it her all behind these records because you could feel the passion in the vocals and even though there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of these songs it never loses that persona or that heart the entire time and that may be the most important aspect of it all.

This had beautiful guitar work, and top-notch musicianship through and through which is all matched with her vocal approach, and the performance from everyone in the band is radio worthy to put it lightly.

You get this anthemic feel from some of these choruses and it can get your blood pumping in such a unique way.

If you listen to this EP from start to finish, you'll feel all of what was just explained, all the way down to the last track that to me, served as the most powerful.

Dive into this one when you get a chance, and you will not soon regret it especially if you're a fan of real deal Americana and soulful country music.

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