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An Honest and Edgy Release from I

A single release from I gives off a very honest feel with the soundscape that touches on a clean but still sort of alternative rock undertone that breeds a little bit of a 90s feel at times and it's this honesty in the character that you attach yourself to.

"January" comes through with the feel of a live performance in a way and although the guitars are clean and not distorted, it still has a little bit of an edgy approach and its underbelly which is something that I enjoyed.

The vocals are sort of big and robust on top of the music and the whole thing feels like the players involved or feeding off of each other's energies the entire time which lets the song almost feel alive and breathing and brings me back to the whole live performance vibe of it.

This was a song that felt like it was cathartic to write and release for the artist but for the listener, it's incredibly relatable especially relationship-wise and it's hard to open up about so when you hear a song like this and you can understand it the way it was meant to be understood, and that is something that connects with you and that is a rarity these days so when it comes along it's very refreshing.

There is a beauty and sort of gracefulness in this track especially in its brutal honesty and its whole approach because when you listen to it, you sort of get pulled away from your surroundings and into the story of the song and it's up to you how you actually relate to it but for me, there were definitely certain memories that popped into my head as I was listening.

The guitar tone was spot on for the mood of the song and everything came together so well that you know this was purely a passion project and that everyone involved has a real love for their craft.

It was certainly a little bit nostalgic for me personally because I grew up with a certain kind of '90s rock and this track gave that vibe off, and the aesthetic was completely nailed in terms of that approach, so it felt like a song I've been listening to for decades now.

It is not often that you come across a track that makes you sort of feel the way this one does and to me it made perfect sense because of what I've been through and for someone else that may be going through a certain kind of situation relationship wise, this track may let them understand that they're not alone which is important whether or not that was the actual purpose of the song.

Upon listening to this track, I took it upon myself to listen to some of the previous releases from this project and I'm glad that I did because a lot of the stuff is awesome and also touches on that great sort of alternative rock vibe that I mentioned earlier.

I have to say that my favorite aspect of literally everything that's put out there from this project is that it's completely honest and right in your face.

This single definitely affected me in a certain way.

Check the stuff out as soon as you can and see how it affects you.

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