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An Honest and Bright Pop Debut from Mikkel

If you're not too familiar with the sounds of Mikkel then let us be among the first to introduce you as the artist just released a new album that not only showcases a special and particular breed of honesty but also gives off an array of pop tonalities that come through with a colorful approach and cinematic backbone.

The Until We Rise Up record does an amazing job of engulfing you and the best ways possible and as you go through this album, you're really able to pick up on the different songwriting approaches that the artist puts together and rolls into one massive record.

One of the things I adore about this release is that vast undertone that the tracks give off because this creates an atmosphere and a certain kind of setting that you end up falling right into.

This is done most of the time with synth pads and in all honesty, all the synth and key work done across the span of this record is outstanding and brings together a classic and updated current vibe and soundscape.

I think we all love a good pop record that hints at old-school sounds so that we feel a little touch of nostalgia here and there and also have this refreshing and bright tone as well.

It certainly feels like Mikkel is one of those artists who are really in his zone when he's wrapped up in the studio because this record, as I said earlier, bears a lot of honesty and so the songs come through with fewer boundaries than the norm which is quite a beautiful thing and a perfect direction for any kind of pop music in general.

The artist really takes elements of different areas of pop and put them into one record which to me works wonders because there's really something for everyone on this record.

This is also the type of album that you want to listen to from beginning to end and you won't have any problems doing that because all the songs are super catchy, they come with amazing hooks, and really show his personality through lyrics and vocal approach.

However, I said that because if you only listen to one or two tracks from this record, then you're really not getting the full spectrum of what the album has to offer.

And it has plenty to offer.

At times it feels like the songs are interconnected with each other, but it feels more like these songs serve as chapters in the artist's life and in a way it's like reading a diary.

If you listen to the full album, this serves as an amazing escape and pulls you away from wherever you are and puts you in a different world and into a different person's inner thoughts for a little while and that is a gift in music if you ask me.

Some amazing and smooth pop love songs on this record just stick with you forever.

This whole thing was produced amazingly well and comes through with such a near-perfect presence allowing Mikkel to sing freely and with soul, passion, and heart.

That's what this record has the most of. Heart.

Here's the crazy thing. This is his debut album. I know that doesn't seem crazy to you because you haven't listened to it yet but once you do, you're going to be blown away that this is his actual debut.

No matter what I can tell you right now that this man has been singing for a very long time and perhaps, he either worked with the right team to write these songs, or he's been writing songs for a very long time as well.

This was a killer release, and I cannot wait to see what else Mikkel puts out.

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