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An Experimental and Chill Single From Proof of Burden

A new single release from Proof of Burden brings out a cinematic and quirky pop soundscape that drifts into a dream-esque trance of sorts and creates this cinematic backbone that lets you float alongside its textures and rhythms.

"Drones on Phones" has such a great chill and laid-back beat to it and this along with its ambient undertone is what gives it that cinematic approach and feel.

The whole thing is done with a certain sort of character to it and you are really able to sort of let this track just engulf you because it feels great to do so.

This single is a little bit of an escape from me because when you listen to it it takes your mind to certain places and no matter where that may be, it's not your actual reality so it does indeed serve as a little form of escapism for a small chunk of time.

This aspect to me is totally refreshing because I look for that in certain kinds of music.

This release was inventive and had a certain level of creativity to it as well as a looseness, as it blended these synth sounds floating in its ether, plucky guitar sections that sit at the forefront, and these digitally orchestrated sounds that swim in and out.

The track has a strange way of feeling alive and building because it comes with certain sways and little swells here and there like riding waves in the ocean.

You can see this track in the scene of a film or a TV show as it does have that undertone to it, and I just really enjoyed how these different sets of digital and natural instrumentation are put together and how it created such a vastness.

This was its own thing completely and with it came a certain persona and a certain character which is something that a lot of music just doesn't have these days so when you get it, it's a bit refreshing.

I love the vocals that sort of haunt the track, coated in reverb and creating an even more spacey type of atmosphere.

Everyone loves a track that doesn't take itself too seriously, has experimental tonalities, and you can tell was just something where the artist was in the zone recording it.

This is got a great groove to it and it's something that becomes quickly infectious right from the start of the song.

This was a good time to listen to and I love how it just swoops you up and floats you off to another place.

It's something more music should have the ability to do and I feel like it's only when you're in that certain kind of zone that you're able to produce something like that. Something that takes you away.

This was super fun, and I would suggest listening to it with headphones on and then listening to previous Proof of Burden releases as you might just be pleasantly surprised with those as well.

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