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An EP Release from Wunderpus Hits an Array of Rock Tones

A massive EP release from Wunderpus delivers an array of rock tonalities in the form of a vivacious and endlessly energetic almost live performance aesthetic and these tracks boast classic metal riffs along with a thrashy undertone at times, bending and windy guitar sections, and vocals that deliver tons of character which is something you end up really loving.

One of the things I love most about the Abreaction EP is their ability to create songs that are like odes to classic influences in rock whether it be grunge, classic rock, metal, or even reggae at times, these performers are amazing at pulling together this whole different persona for each song but for the most part, these tracks come out bombastic with robust sounds ripping guitars and the air of a band that feeds off of each other when they're playing.

Certain tracks really hit their aesthetic like "To Be Holy" for example which hits that classic rock aesthetic damn near perfectly and as they're doing that, they blend in these heavier sections that breed more of a grungy tonality, but it's always got this sort of heart and charisma that you can't look away from.

There's seemingly so much range within this six-song record that by the time you get halfway through you begin to sort of expect the unexpected but either way you're going to get something that hits like a sucker punch to the gut and has a certain kind of fire behind it that lets the songs thrive and come through with a massive drive which they all do.

One of the things that surprised me most was their cover of "Seven Nation Army" which serves as a love letter to the original but as true as it stays, it still has its own spin and a different sort of edginess to it than the original did.

I absolutely adore that they threw this in because covering a song like this seems like it would be so much fun but to me, I feel like it would be hard to create a version that has a different form of originality to it, but these guys just do that without a hitch, and I find that amazing.

The whole thing with this band is having vocals that are powerful and full-bodied, soulful and colorful but still with an edgy tone, along with mostly hard-hitting heavy rock sounds caves underneath it and that's something that makes for a great combination as everything in this record seems to complement each other from the drums to the bass and guitar, to the vocals.

The record from Wunderpus features vocalist Amie Bishop and I'm not sure if this collaboration is a normal thing for the band but I sure hope it will be from here on out because what an awesome collaboration it was.

All of this makes perfect sense to me and together they can deliver a memorable rock record that is released with fewer boundaries than the norm.

Listening to this EP makes you want to go see it all live in your face simply because if they can capture this kind of attitude and energy on record this way, then seeing them live must just be outstanding.

This is an album to listen to all the way through.

Trust me, you want to do that because if you don't you'll certainly be missing out on the full range of what it has to offer in reality.

Besides, we're all tired of living in a single-based society and it's joyous for me to have a full ep to hold on to that's a bursting rock record with this electricity and persona that comes along with it because when you have that you don't just want one song, you want multiple.

Check this record out and when you do either listen to it with headphones or put it in the stereo and make sure you turn it up.

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