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An Energetic and Refreshing Single from Liberty C.

A fresh single from Liberty C. hits a personal and uplifting tonality that feels freeing and also very genuine as it is coming from a place that breeds an honest set of lyrics that all come together with a sort of live lounge, pop style single.

One of the best things about "I Got It All" is its uplifted spirit and energy portrayed from the artist herself. It bears a strong standpoint, and you can hear that she shines on the single in her own unique way.

The single boasts quite an array of vivacious instrumentation including saxophone that really cranks throughout the songs course giving it a lively vibe and the track is really something you can dance to.

That groove is hard and doesn't really let up at all which is nice, but the really addictive aspect of this release is her character and just that gusto that she arrives with. Her delivery is so outside the box, and you can hear her having such a great time during the recording that you can't really stop.

This showcases Liberty's attitude and actual presence as an artist quite a lot and it's something with a killer energy that you have to really soak in. And it feels good to do just that.

The song jams on with style and the undertone of a live performance as the players are bouncing off of each other and that energy is as well.

This is a single for people that need a good pick me up in the middle of the day or even in the morning as well. Something to feed into and gain that energy Liberty is giving off.

This was a wonderfully good time.

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