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An Alluring New Single from DruiZ featuring Madame Lion

Updated: Mar 28

A new single release from Druiz gives off a fast and cinematic tonality along with a vibrant groove that is lush with percussion and vast instrumentation that come together to create a particular atmosphere that you really feel right into and the whole thing has a character to it which you end up wanting more of by the time the song is over.

"You Hurt So Good" is a very alluring and sensuous type of song and the textures that come together during its course seem to complement each other well so you have this set of sounds that melt together and the whole track gives off such a silky type of vibe.

One of the things I love about this track is the fact that the drumming sounds like a live kit and throughout the track, you don't realize that until the end when it starts doing all kinds of cool fills this gives the song more of an alive and breathing type of vibe which I liked but really, the whole track comes at you with this almost dreamy undertone that you get lost in.

The vocals are definitely alluring, and the song has a certain cry out and sexuality to it that she gives it a little bit of an edginess but it's subtle and done tastefully just like the rest of the song is.

This track is really easy to fall right into and it has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to so that, as the listener, you get engulfed and eventually washed away with the track and its soundscape.

To me, this was a little bit more of an experience than just a single and I enjoyed that aspect because it was a bit of an escape even if it's for a short amount of time.

The song has a very infectious value to it and its arrangement and composition speaks volumes for the artist's ability to create this sort of combination of natural and digital instrumentation that come together to build a sound that feels like it's swimming in the air that surrounds you.

DruiZ came together with The Madame Lion on this track, and I feel like it was a beautiful collaboration because both of them really complimented each other in terms of what they added to the song and how they came together to build a vibe.

There are parts of this song that seem to just stick with you and float around in your brain for hours after the track has ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again which I really loved.

Madame Lion (Paola Botero) has worked on productions with everyone from Wes Craven to Steven Seagal and produced a film released in El Salvador which has already been nominated for over 6 awards around the world.

She not only provided an intricate element for this single and its sound but also influenced its production a great deal.

Upon listening to this single I had to go check out some of the previous releases from DruiZ who produces, performs, and records all the instrumentation, and there was a lot that I loved but in particular, there's a song from 2021 called "Dime" that was totally astounding.

I thoroughly enjoy hearing a producer and songwriter who puts out music with fewer boundaries than the norm and DruiZ because the prime example of exactly that.

His collaborations are brilliant and his musicianship is through the roof, especially in terms of being able to create atmospheres with his music.

Check this track out as soon as you can and do it with headphones on because it's the best way to listen.

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