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An Alluring New Album From Louise Golbey

A recent album release from Louise Golbey gives off essential allure and a lot of soul with this added flare in the undertone that gives off a certain color and vibrancy along with an undeniable character and this is what you get attached to first.

"Renaissance" comes through with a very Lush and full body display of songwriting especially instrumentation wise but there's also this honesty that overlays everything and this helps that persona come through even stronger and this makes everything all the more authentic as you listen through.

There are more than a handful of singles on this record that stand in their own two feet very well however a lot of the songs feel like they're interconnected in a way almost like these service chapters in the songwriter's life and so listening to the album from beginning to end is really the best way to soak this in.

I feel like this was how it was meant to be listened to anyway and I quite enjoyed listening to it as a full album because then you get more of the experience.

You are certainly able to escape into this record a little bit which I really enjoyed and by the end of it you have forgotten about your surroundings and have to reacclimate yourself back to reality again.

I adore this factor about the release because you don't get it often so when you do it's very refreshing.

You can tell that there's a true love for her craft surrounding this record and that this whole thing had to have been a pure passion project which I'm sure a lot of music starts as, but this speaks volumes for Louise as an artist and a person because by the end of it you feel like you know her better.

This is something you don't get from a lot of artists.

The songs have such beautiful instruments flowing through them and a lot of them grow in intensity as they play on up to that last powerful chorus.

There are a few surprises around some of the corners and everything bears so much soul and heart that at times it makes you think of your own people, situations, and even memories.

Many of the songs come through orchestrated in full-bodied along with again, that upfront honesty that lets you know her character is real.

Some of the tracks even have this particular energy that feels like they were recorded live on the floor in a way, and this is because some of the instrumentation or players, feel like they're feeding off of each other throughout the songs and this gives everything such a lively feeling.

Of course, I'm probably wrong about the whole recording live on the floor thing, but either way, it certainly makes you want to see this all performed live in your face because of the energy on the record is captured this well, then a live performance must be wonderful.

This release was colorful, intricate, soulful, genuine, graceful, and hits all the sweet spots that you would want from an album that displays such a massive amount of robust soul and R&B, Jazz, and more.

I would easily give this a 9 out of 10 because the songwriting is so spot on, the aesthetic that she's going for is completely nailed, and the performances are alive and it all leaves you with this lovely aftertaste.

Check out this full album if you can, you won't regret it.

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