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A wonderous and honest album from Rasha Jay

A fresh, soulful and honest album release from Rasha Jay brings out some deep truths, danceable grooves, and memorable hooks that all come with a vibrant set of performances and something that just feels absolutely classic about it.

The Muscle Memory album is packed with sensational vibes and a live soul pop and R&B approach with vivacious and lively presence and shine throughout the entire record.

You really can't beat the cross of genres these songs portray and do so with such gracefulness and sway.

You even get rock styles popping in, cinematic and alluring songs also hit you with a gusto and get you thinking as memories pop into your head.

This record bears a strong performance that has the ability to let you get washed away with the music but also get lifted up at the same time somehow and it's pretty impressive to say the least.

The record showcases a wonderous palette of songwriting and the whole thing is enticing, colorful, genuine, and really alive and breathing with realness.

You get these, sort of chapters coming from the artist's life perhaps. They feel real and like they needed to come out in the form they did on the record.

This was beautifully done and had just the right amount of edge and loads of character.

It's been some time since you've heard something that has this level of eclectic styles meshing together and sounding so damn natural.

It's just a flow that works like a charm and gets you addicted within minutes flat.

But don't take our words for it. Have a listen to Muscle Memory and give Rasha Jay a shout.

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