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A Vintage and Soulful Single Release from The Grenadines

A brand-new single release from The Grenadines gives off a wonderful array of vintage tonality and textures in the form of a soul-pop track that boasts a lush and robust sort of character which is one of the biggest things you get attached to right from the get-go.

"Smile" has an amazing allure to it that breeds a little bit of sensuality but also honesty along with it.

The track has the air of a song that was written and even released in the 70s with this contemporary soul undertone but also with hints of a current R&B or soul sound as well and I think this is exactly what they were going for because the whole aesthetic is completely nailed.

Throughout the track, you have everything from keys, classic guitar tones, and horns that add such a thick and robust layer to the song but also follow along with some of the vocal hooks as well.

Some of these hooks end up staying with you for hours after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again which in my opinion could just be smart songwriting, but I think these guys just have that naturally.

This was a full-bodied yet incredibly smooth single that delivers a layer upon layer of melodic bliss.

Vocals are silky and the harmonies performed or spot on with such a natural forward-moving flow that you end up humming some of these sections in your head or even out loud.

You can hear all the real and vintage influences that must have bred a single like this one and it comes through with an amazing energy that is addictive.

This track makes you want to grab your significant other and dance around the living room.

The single touches on the aspects of intimacy and passion in your relationship in particularly after you become parents and the things that you have to do to balance those elements out or pay more attention to them.

This is very interesting because so many people can completely relate to it but I don't think I've heard a song based on exactly that before so to me this was very refreshing.

I enjoy songs that make people feel like they're not alone in particular situations or struggles for example and although this may not be a huge struggle for some people, I know that it can be for others so it's great to hear a song that touches on something like this because it's very personal and very genuine.

This pop-coated single speaks volumes for The Grenadines and really does an outstanding job of showcasing the band's ability to write and release a song that has such a robust catchiness to it and blends that color and honesty into something smooth and sexy.

Check this truck out as soon as you can and see how it affects you.


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