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A video premierE from Jackie Bristow & Barry Saunders

A beautiful new single release from Jackie Bristow and Barry Saunders brings out a genuine classic rock undertone kissed with a southern aesthetic and an Americana approach, but it all has this aesthetic of rustic folk and its veins, and its vibe is freeing and welcoming.

"Good Miles To Go" comes through with a passion and a heart that feels authentic and with that comes character and persona and it's that character that you end up getting attached to so quickly.

This song is about a somewhat positive look at how life changes no matter who you are and you have to take it on no matter what the circumstance, and I think it's a sort of beautiful sentiment because the attitude towards it is to just move on.

Keep moving forward and see where you get.

Songs like this are important because they display messages like this that make us think and the music itself makes us feel which is something you don't get often so when it comes along it's somewhat rejuvenating in a way.

We all need music that makes us think and feel and it sounds like this that delivers all of that on a silver platter for us without us even realizing it at first.

The arrangement is wonderfully done and the entire song is well woven but the performance is really what comes out and grabs you.

The way they sing together in harmony creates an almost dream-like effect but it's so humanizing at the same time like this song is written just for you even though you know it wasn't.

The track boasts a classic and vintage feeling acoustic guitar along with harmonicas and a bit more that make the song sort of full-bodied but it's the vocals and how they are performed alone and together that really make the song stand out and it lets you get washed away with everything.

Songs like this have purpose and are built from an emotional drive and the need to get that off of your chest which is completely done here, and it was perhaps even cathartic for these two to be able to pull it off but for the listener, it's relatable and understandable so at times it can cause memories or thoughts of your own to pop into your head at random because anyone's life can connect with the premise of this song.

This wasn't only a wonderful song but a brand-new music video for the track has just been released and it showcases more of the persona for both of these artists and how the song is all about moving on.

It's beautifully shot and really helps display their presence as artists and as people, which is something that again, humanizes everything.

You watch the video, and you hear the song, and you think 'they are just people like me' and I think that's the point.

It's artists like Jackie and Barry that leave me in awe sometimes because although we all have different kinds of struggles, thoughts, and feelings, we can't all articulate them and a lot of us don't know how to express them so when you hear a song that does it with both words and music and you connect with it, it's something amazing and a little eye-opening.

Why does it hit us like this? It's because to a certain extent, it lets us feel like we're not alone in whatever we may be going through.

And although the track isn't a straight-up light at the end of the tunnel kind of song, it shows both sides of the spectrum and lets you know that everything's going to be okay in a way.

This was a gorgeous single performed with heart, character, passion, and a genuine approach that all came together to create an atmosphere that leaves its mark.

Check out the new music video for "Good Miles To Go" below and see how it affects you.

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