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A vibrant and catchy pop single from Kris James

A fresh single drop from Kris James brings a refreshing and crisp pop sound that touches on both a vintage undertone and a Latin laced flare with an addictive percussion and an ambient undertone to go along with synths that follow the vocal hooks, and it all comes through as a neon lit good time.

"The Way You Move" has a charm to it that grabs at you and draws you right in and if you try not to get up and dance to this track, you'll fail for sure. It has an infectious feel, and the vibe is bright and powerful, so you'll be sure to find yourself shaking your butt in your seat or grabbing the person nearest to you and dancing around the living room.

The artists vocals are smooth and alluring but have a wonderful gusto and character to them that makes the song as charming as it is really.

Most of all, this single feels good. It's a get out on the dance floor song and it feels like a Miami club track that packs a fun punchiness and a positive vibe that comes at you in the form of strong choruses and hooks that pop in all the time.

"The Way You Move" also comes with a few remixes or radio edits that churn the song into more of a classic dance style, but the original has the most impact.

It's super fun and has this summertime night party feel to it that makes you want more and more all the time.

Kris James is known for his character and presence as an artist and this song is no exception whatsoever.

Have a good time with Kris James and crank this one.

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