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A Vast and Meaningful Single from Notman

A recent single release from Notman delivers a warm and vast soundscape that comes through with a cinematic backbone and bursting with honesty, the character that's attached to this song is something that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

"Stay" is quite a beautifully performed song that has vocals coming through powerfully and with impact, but also with a certain softness to them at the same time that creates this wonderful balance in the song musically and textually.

You can tell that this song came from someplace real and that the track serves as a certain chapter in the artist's life because that's incredibly clear from the get-go and with that you have a certain authenticity.

This is a meaningful song and was likely even cathartic for the artist to write and perform but for the listener, it's very relatable and for certain people it might even cause memories of your own to pop into your head which is a beautiful connection to be made with any kind of music.

This track is built with guitars and airy synth pads that create a certain kind of atmosphere as the notes have a way of sort of floating through the song's ether while the vocals take you for the emotional and lyrical journey upfront.

This is the kind of song that stays with you for hours after it's ended, possibly even days, and it will certainly have a certain kind of effect on you, but I think it will be different for everyone.

There is this orchestrated undertone throughout the track as well and there was a lot of attention paid to the arrangement and composition of how the whole thing was built because it does indeed have that emotional drive behind it and with that, it has certain ways of building with intensity but throughout this whole thing, it never loses that heart or that persona that it was built with in the first place which may be the more important aspect of the whole song.

Upon listening to this single I decided to go check out a few other releases from the artist and I'm glad that I did because each one that I found I got a little bit of a different vibe musically.

Notman has an eclectic songwriting approach and just goes with what is being felt at the time which is part of why the music all works so well.

What I can tell you is that I feel like "Stay" is among the best of the releases from the artist because it does such an amazing job of letting him give you a piece of himself.

This was a wonderfully woven single that showed amazing presence as an artist, heart, honesty, and a beautiful songwriting approach that felt as genuine as they come.

Take a listen to this track and see how it affects you.

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