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A Vast and Intense Piece from The Fabler

A new single release from The Fabler comes through as a guitar-driven but very cinematically backed track that builds a certain kind of soundscape and throughout the course of the song, you begin to get pulled away from your surroundings and put into a different place altogether which is done by way of letting the song sort of build and breathe until it's got to a point where it's swimming around in the air that surrounds you.

"Describe me a place" is a very well-woven track that definitely had attention to detail during its creation but was also improvisational to an extent as well because there are these robust layers of guitars that at times go from calm to what seems almost frantic, but even those frantic moments still have an element of not just melody, but a sort of vastness that still beckons that cinematic backbone I mentioned earlier.

This was a sort of intense piece of music that's fully instrumental, but still has this emotional drive that pushes it, which was a refreshing combination of aspects almost like listening to a classical piece in a way.

You can tell that this comes from someone with a pure love for his craft and I don't just mean playing guitar, I mean building and writing pieces of music that meant something to him and letting it out into the world for people to soak in how they want to.

One of the things I adore about this track is that it feels alive and breathing and has these beautiful changes that are gracefully performed but again, at times have a certain bit of aggression in its underbelly that peek through at certain points of the more intense sections of the song.

The whole song works so well as a beautiful escape because it builds an atmosphere that ends up surrounding you and the best part about a track like this is that it leaves a little bit to the imagination.

It's almost like you can think up your own story while you're listening to the track, and it makes even more sense while you're hearing it happen because in your head there's a story that's unraveling.

This is one of the best parts about the track itself because being able to leave something to the imagination is like reading a good book for example.

Yes, there's plenty of detail and description but there's always 50% imagination happening when you're reading a good book and that's just what your mind does automatically.

It works the same way with a song like this one.

Honestly, this was a graceful piece of music that is not just guitar of course.

You get beautiful piano sections, drums, bass, and all kinds of things going on, but the guitar is the main focal point for the most part and is the thing that takes the song to a level that really lets it affect you.

This was a track that hit me in a certain way and when you listen to it I suggest that you do it with headphones on so that you can soak it in the way it was meant to be.

There are a lot of things going on and notes that are scattered throughout the ether of this track and it's best heard with headphones and no interruptions.

In a way this was an orchestrated piece of music that was composed by someone who puts pieces of himself into his music.

Check this truck out as soon as you can, it's more than worth your time.

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