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A Vast and Emotional Single from Chad Post

A new single from Chad Post delivers a vast and cinematic R&B and pop approach that comes with an emotional drive and boasts enough character for you to get attached very quickly.

"Cold Front" feels authentic like it certainly came from a real-life situation and that brings in that persona and soundscape that ends up just getting wrapped around you and eventually lets you get washed away with everything.

This track has a youthful cry out and is performed with such a massive amount of soul in the vocal delivery as synth pads float through the song's ether and the song ends up building into this atmosphere that you just don't want to leave.

The song is relatable and can actually cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random and that's a sign of a very connective track, and this is something that is quite a rarity these days so when you get it it's almost refreshing like it was here.

There's something about this track that feels like it could have served as part of the soundtrack to a certain chapter in your own life and it's not a nostalgic thing, it's just the lyrical content and the emotional build of it all makes sense to anyone that's lived a life with love, loss, and I feel like this is the kind of song that may have even been cathartic for Chad to write and release.

You get some great R&B undertones and even hip-hop feels throughout the track but it all blends together into this almost dream pop soundscape and between the keys, synth pads, piano, and vocals, it all has a way of letting you escape into it so that when you listen to it you are pulled away from your surroundings and when it's over, you have to react yourself back to reality again a little bit.

What gets me about this track is the genuine character behind it and how vast and cinematic it actually feels because those are the elements that really take you away.

Upon listening to this track I had to take it upon myself to take a bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of Chad Post, and I'm glad that I did because I found myself swimming through an amazing amount of releases starting at only 2019 and between full-length albums and singles dropped since then you can really get a full feel for his evolution as an artist and even as a person because a lot of his personality shows up through his music.

Chad Post is an artist who lets you in and has a particular way of wearing his heart on his sleeves while being very upfront and honest in his music.

A lot of these releases show slightly different sides of that personality and his Artistry as well and the songs range and genre so that you almost don't know what you're going to get next.

This is something I adore about this artist because he doesn't stay in just one place.

Chad is not afraid to expand outside and grow his musical horizons as he grows as a person and that's something that an artist should showcase which he does perfectly.

"Cold Front" is a heartfelt and beautifully woven single that will be an excellent introduction to Chad post if you are not familiar with him yet but I strongly suggest going through his catalog as well so you can get the full spectrum of what he's about.

Dive into this one as soon as you can and do it with headphones on.

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