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A Unique and Alluring Rap Single From Micah Jay

A new single released by Micah Jay comes through as a vast and almost cinematic hip-hop track with a soundscape that has a way of engulfing you and a lyrical phrasing approach that is ahead of the curve and grabs your attention quickly.

"Bronx Shorty" has some honesty behind it, and it talks about a powerful woman who's got it all and this track serves as an ode to that woman, and it comes through with a unique sense of heart.

This track has a unique style to it, and I think that's what gives it so much appeal aside from the fact that it's got a lot of character and talks with such descriptive detail that you're able to almost picture images in your head as he's rapping them.

This track has a great way of setting itself apart but then again so does Micah himself because he's got an amazing approach to his rapping style and the production of his songs lets him sort of change different characters.

He's a very adaptive songwriter and rapper which makes him a great performer as well because those are attributes that you have to have in order to stand out from the crowd.

Upon listening to this track, I took a little bit of a deep dive into his back catalog on Spotify and it's a good thing I did because I found a massive number of tracks displayed as EPs, LPs, and singles and each one has his staple sort of undertone there, but they also show different sides to him as a person and as a songwriter as well.

Like I said earlier, he has different characters depending on the song and if you go back to his earlier releases which started 2020 on Spotify, and work your way up through this single, then you're able to follow his evolution as an artist and when you find a great artist this is something you should definitely do.

When you dive into this back catalog you are going to find a ton of outstanding tracks in there more than worthy of your time and playlists but in the end, you learn that this is the kind of artist that you want to follow and pay attention to for whatever might be coming up next.

Micah has a great thought process for how he lays out his tracks and you can tell that this is someone that has a real love for his craft, and I don't just mean rapping, I mean putting the whole song together and laying it out.

Sending a message, telling a story.

This makes him a little different than the average and I really like that about him because again, it shows that persona and it shows that character.

He also doesn't hold back a lot and comes through with authentic and honest tracks pretty often.

He's not afraid to say things and that is part of what builds his personality so well musically.

You can relate to the things that he's saying half the time and there are surprises around the corners throughout his set of releases.

So, I would say start with this single but also, work your way back through his catalog because you're going to find so much great stuff there.

Check this track out as soon as you get a chance and I'm going to give it a straight up 8 out of 10 in terms of the single. In terms of Micah Jay as an artist and his full set of releases, I'm giving that a 9 out of 10.

This is definitely an artist to pay attention to.

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