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A Thrashing release from Elysian Divide Has arrived

A fierce and robust new single release from Elysian Divide hits hard but also comes through with an anthemic and lush soundscape that certainly packs a punch but also packs character which is one of the things you end up really falling into when listening to this track.

"Fall Down" has a cool and unique way of blending in all kinds of metal from thrash and speed metal to anthemic alternative rock that feels open and freeing, this track hits a lot of sweet spots because not only can you headbang to it, but you can also put your fists in the air and sing along with it.

It's been quite some time since I heard a track that covered all that ground so well.

The guitar work is outstanding from beginning to end because you get fiery trudging guitar sections along with these classic almost Slayer-style solo parts that just let the song feel satiating and righteous.

On top of all this, you have drumming that just pounds into the ground, and a thick bass that fills the space and makes everything juicy, but all of this comes along with an outstanding female vocalist who just destroys everything so well that she's able to pull off what feels like multiple characters in one song.

She comes with this attitude, and it really helps drive this already thrashing song to where it needs to be so everyone feeds off of this similar energy and this all lets the song push the envelope.

That's another thing; the song has a live performance style approach to it where it seems like the players are feeding off of each other and creating this intense and immense soundscape that packs a heavy-handed punch but also gives you these memorable and colorful hooks.

So, you do actually get a combination of color and edginess throughout this track, and it's all done with a lot of attention to detail, but never without a certain kind of soul and heart that everyone in the band needs to have to be able to pull together a song like this one.

This was a melodically memorable and heavy track that, to me, even had a little bit of a sort of cinematic backbone at times but it had one hell of a drive and this electric energy that you don't come across often.

One of my favorite things about this is how all of these different band members really brought their own influence on this track because you can tell that they have this natural flow together and that's because the influences that drive them click and let them click together musically.

This was a killer crack and when you listen to it you should either do with headphones on, or just blasting super loud because this is a banger from beginning to end and you don't want to miss any of the stuff that's going on.

This one was ridiculous, and I cannot wait to hear what Elysian Divide has coming out next.

In the meantime, the band has an album from 2018 and an EP from 2019 both released prior to this that you should certainly listen to after you listen to this single first.

This had a great effect on me, so I suggest diving into it and seeing how it affects you.

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