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A Thrash Metal Release From Violent By nature

A single release from Violent by Nature comes through as a thrashing metal banger that hits with a fierce set of riffs and bursts of shredding guitar solos that come in with an absolutely unstoppable energy that becomes so incredibly addicting you feel like you're feeding off it.

"WW3" breaks into everything from hardcore to punk rock, thrash metal, death metal, and even more all rolled up into one massive and brutal track.

This single comes from a band that holds nothing back and the energy that's given on the track itself is so intense that it feels like it was recorded live on the floor because the players are almost feeding off each other's energies the entire time.

The track breaks into several different riffs and sections and each one gives you a different element to thrash along with.

This track makes me think of bands like Slayer for example coming in with crazy drums that give you outlandish feels but are super in the pocket the entire time along with a guitar tone that's crisp and clear but also fiery and fierce.

I love the element of punk rock in here and the speeds that this track delivers along with those changes in time signatures as well.

I may be wrong about them recording the stuff live on the floor and probably am, but what I mean is, this track makes you want to see these guys live because if the energy is captured on the recording this way, then seeing them live must be a real face melter.

And that's exactly what you expect from a band like this.

Massive crew vocals, ground shaking drums, shredding guitars, and everything comes together with a certain level of love for their craft.

This is an important topic to touch on for a second just because there are people that don't listen to a lot of metal and when they hear it, they don't really understand the kind of musicianship it takes to be able to pull this kind of stuff off.

These guys have a love for what they do, and I don't just mean their instruments, I mean putting everything together and writing songs.

To be able to pull off riffs like that you have to be fast and accurate, attention to detail is a must, the drumming is the real driving force and if that comes through sloppy, then the whole song falls apart.

This is the kind of band and the kind of music where every instrument has to be super tight and on point for it to come through the way it's supposed to, but it also has to have that fire to let the aggression come through properly.

My point is, if these guys wanted to write a jazz song they damn well could.

Metal also takes a lot of heart and for a track like this people put in their blood sweat and tears from the get-go and that's why it comes out with so much power and energy.

There are layers to be peeled back here and this is certainly for people like me who grew up listening to hardcore, punk rock, thrash metal, melodic metal, and everything else in between.

These guys each pull elements from their influences and put them together to create something that's not reinventing the wheel of course but doing it in their way and putting their own staple fields to it.

This is what good metal bands are supposed to do.

Upon listening to the single I went back and listened to some of their previous releases and upon doing so I came across a double single released in 2022 which was amazing, but a little bit different so it was cool to hear the evolution between then and now for this band.

I'm going to give this a straight-up 8 out of 10 easy.

This is a killer release from a band that's paving their own path in the metal arena, and I can't wait to hear what they push out next.

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