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A Robust and Honest new Single from Christi Given

A new single release from Christi Given comes through with a pure and righteous sort of intensity that breeds honesty and in turn gives you a lush and genuine character that is something you end up getting attached to very quickly and has a beautiful way of just wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

"The Other Side (Studio Version)" is a very full-bodied single as it's riddled with gorgeous instrumentation and not only do you get this full band feels but you also get fiddle, piano, steel guitar, acoustic, and so much more just giving this song such a wondrous atmosphere and as it's all unraveling you have these vocals that sit atop everything in such a graceful and passionate way that the performance gives the song an added energy.

This was a sort of intense song that really showcases the hardest attention to detail and ability to create a song with her presence alone and that's something that not a lot of artists can pull off.

For Christi, it seems like it's second nature because her performance has this electric energy almost like it's a live performance that you're watching right in front of you.

Being able to turn out an impactful and robust single that is coded in pop but also gives off this Americana undertone and has such an authentic approach is not new for the artist as she has indeed already had multiple songs placed on television shows for major networks across the board.

One of the things I love most about this track is the personality that it gives off while also having that honesty right on top and in your face.

Right off the bat you get the feeling that this came from some kind of real-life experience, and this gives the song that authenticity I mentioned earlier.

This track is a follow-up to the original called "The Other Side (Amazing Grace)" and you can hear how the versions differ in terms of production of course but even this original version has a beauty and intensity to it and it's really something that sticks with you no matter which version you're listening to.

This turned out to be a very impactful and somewhat emotionally driven Americana single that let the artist shine and the chorus of the track ended up sticking around in my brain for hours after the song had ended and the only way I found to satiate that is to listen to it again.

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