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A Rich Blues Rock Single from Robin Gunns and THe Flesh ripping Weasels

Updated: Apr 21

A single release from Robin Gunns and The Flesh Ripping Weasels gives off a smooth and cinematic sort of classic blues rock feel and does so with such a thick character and relatable approach that you immediately latch right onto these things and you think of your person which to me is kind of a beautiful thing but all in all I really love how this song is put together.

"Vampires With You" is one of the most unique sort of love songs that have heard in a very long time and it's the lyrics that really pull you in because if you are of a certain age, you can really understand where it's coming from.

I really admire the inventive approach to writing a song about wanting to live out their life with someone in a certain way because it's about such a normal topic, but Robin uses such a different way to express that.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is also the fact that it has this old school almost vintage blues sort of vibe to it and that energy that's on the record almost feels like a live performance that you're sitting down and watching where everyone involved is feeding off of each other a little bit.

The guitar work is so full and so are the vocals and that's where you get this energy and this character from in the first place.

It's that blues undertone that makes everything feel so genuine in a way.

This track is such a wonderfully outside the box form of self-expression musically but it also has a sort of warmth to it that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to and that comes from the way the vocals are done and the way the guitars are played but also because of those lyrics and how relatable they actually are to anyone in a relationship with someone they want to be around all the time.

Upon listening to this track, I had to check out some previous releases which I am happy I did because a lot of these songs have a certain breed of honesty that I find to be rare in music because it's not covered up with something.

In a way, this is a very straightforward honesty and that draws me in.

There are more than a few outstanding tracks released from this project in the past 7 or 8 years and I listen to a lot of the stuff on the band camp page but you can also go to the website to dig in a little further which was endlessly fun because there's more than just music.

When I listen to this track it makes me want to go see it live in person because if this kind of energy is captured on recording,  then seeing it live must be outstanding.

That sort of rock-infused blues warmth is always sort of a staple sound with this project and the more you listen to the songs the more you love it and want more of it.

If you are a lover of music that bears a certain kind of soul then this is 100% for you and I would start with this single because it's a great way to introduce yourself to the whole thing.

Definitely check this track out and then check out the rest of their releases because it's more than worth your time.

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