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A Pop-Punk Banger from Jersey Calling

A high-octane pop-punk album released from Jersey Calling delivers fierce energy and an edgy performance with righteous riffs and loads of drive along with enough character for you to get wrapped up in.

The Parasocial Security album goes beyond just the borders and boundaries of pop punk as these guys tend to thrash out with different levels of aggression and intensity throughout the record and with that you get anthemic and memorable choruses that bounce around in your head for hours or sometimes even days after the songs are over and the only way to really satiate that is to listen to them again.

From riffs to songwriting, this record definitely has some surprises around the corners and shows a lot of personality and honesty on some of these checks as well that get you paying attention to the lyrics.

This is the kind of record that's best listened to from beginning through to the end because only with that will you get the full spectrum of what this band does on the record and I feel like a lot of this album is almost like a concept record because songs have strange ways of interconnecting and not only that, I feel like listening to the full album is the true way to soak this in.

I come from a period of when pop punk had its rise so to speak and, in that time, you would hear a song on the radio or somewhere and you would go out and buy the cassette or the CD or even the vinyl printing of it and you listen to the whole damn album.

I know that we live in a much more single-based society these days but I'm really happy to have bands like this to put out full albums that you just want to listen to in full.

I know, I'm starting to sound old, and I might just be old, you'll never know, but either way, these guys have such a great variety of those classic punk and pop rock influences in their veins that it comes through in the music in different ways throughout the record.

For me, some of this record was a little bit nostalgic musically and these guys nailed that aesthetic so well that it felt really good to listen to.

They get you paying attention to the music with their intense drive and excitable energy that almost feels like a live performance at times like everyone's feeding off of each other during the songs, and they also get you attached to the lyrics.

As I said before, this record has a lot of character and it's got that crazy youthful energy to it but it also has the vibe of experienced musicianship and this band is put together by a group of people who have a true love for their craft and when I say that I don't just mean that their instruments are singing, I mean writing songs together that they put out to the world that have an impact of some sort.

All in all, this was a very memorable pop-punk record that surprises you with times, it's got heart, it's got great energy, it's got huge and memorable hooks and choruses all over it, awesome guitar work and a lot of it's super catchy while blending color and edginess in a very particular way.

All fans of pop-punk should dig the crap out of this record so put it on and turn it up.

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