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A Personal Indie and Electronic EP from mismatched socks

A new EP release from mismatched socks delivers an array of flourishing Indie and dream pop that come with a perfectly balanced and blended set of textures and digital soundscapes that feel freeing and incredibly honest in their own way.

The self-titled EP features an intro, interlude, and outro along with two full-fledged singles, and the way that the record comes together is obviously meant for you to listen to the whole thing from beginning to end.

This was a wonderfully woven EP and if you do listen to the whole thing from start to finish vast and digital world that keeps you floating alongside the sounds that you're hearing and in certain ways the instrumental segments feel strangely nostalgic, and you end up thinking of memories in your head as you're listening.

This to me, is a beautiful connection to be made musically and I think that has a lot to do with the way the record was put together but also the character that's given off throughout the record as well.

When you listen to the two main tracks of the record you feel that honesty and you can almost envision someone in their own studio at home, in their bubble, in their zone, in their happy place doing their thing with no walls built around them.

This is because the record just feels personal and genuine so when you listen to it there's a certain warmth that it delivers and that isn't just lyrically, it's sonically as well.

The synth and keys all have a certain kind of warmth to them along with these beats that feel Indie and lo-fi in a way so you're getting this aesthetic that makes you feel like this is super personal and just needed to happen naturally.

I love this aspect because if the record was super polished or overproduced, it would have never sounded the way it does now and that would have taken away from the real feel, vibe, and aesthetic of what it's supposed to deliver.

You end up getting attached to the persona and to the songs themselves.

As I said before, when you listen to this record from start to finish, it's a great escape and when the record is over you have to reacclimate yourself back to reality again because you enjoyed being in that world for that chunk of time.

The whole thing was done with a certain gracefulness, and it has certainly been a long time since I have heard something that just comes through as authentically as this one does.

It was clearly a passion project, done simply because it needed to be done and that's why it's so good.

This was an insanely enjoyable EP and I suggest you listen to it with headphones on so you can really soak in all the things that are happening in the tracks along with some of the lyrics as well.

It is a welcoming and genuine sort of world to be in and this EP created a perfect atmosphere.

Check this out as soon as you can and see how it affects you.

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