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A New Video And Single From Matthew Presidente

The latest single from Matthew Presidente shines with what feels like a heavily emotional and impactful story and the performance across the board is quite tasteful to say the least.

If you're not too familiar with Matthew Presidente, then let us be among the first to introduce you because the new single, "Sungold" has a lot to it and it gives a great example of the way the artist touches on his ability to wear his heart on his sleeves and deliver inner thoughts through his songs.

This is the type of thing that lets us connect and understand the music that's given to us and when we can do that at times, we can feel like we're not alone and whatever we're going through.

Matthew has a certain comfort that comes with his music and that comes from his sincerity.

Now, having certain levels of sincerity is not a new thing when it comes to music of course but it's not common to hear it in this manner these days.

This song is filled with gracefully delivered instrumentation that all together, can make you feel something, and I think that is the biggest thing that we have been missing in music for some time.

"These days I’m very much inspired by evolution and change! As I’m getting older and seeing a wider perspective, I’m appreciating the nuances that inspire change in a person's life. Whether that be a pandemic, a career decision, loss, success, travel, etc. Many of my new songs are focused around finding your own path, even if it’s not what is expected of you." - Matthew

We would definitely give this an 8 out of 10 at the very least and would suggest that you listen to this one with headphones on.

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