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A New Single Release from Desert Kites

A new single release from Desert Kites gives off a sort of vast rock atmosphere and does so with elements of pop and its undertone but this air of a live performance all at the same time and the track has a bit of a colorful vibe and beckons certain kinds of classic rock as well.

"Black and White" walks this great sort of balance between a harder-hitting rock and a more contemporary and brighter one and this is due to the vocals being harmonized the whole time with this real old-school vibe and the guitar tone being a little bit dirty but not fully distorted enough to be heavy per se.

What gives the song its drive is the drumming and that's because no matter what the tone of the guitars and bass are, the drums are slamming the entire time and giving this song.

This has a lighter feel to it but again, it's that kind of cinematic vastness that gives it its addictive and infectious qualities along with those vocals because they do add a wonderful layer of melodies on top of everything and I do enjoy that old-school classic rock vocal approach atop everything that you hear because it works well and those two elements managed to complement each other very well throughout the entire track.

The song definitely has some vintage rock influences flowing through its veins, but it's done with an updated style and approach plus, the energy is electric, and I think that's why it comes through with this much punch as it actually does.

But all in all, the song is fun, it shows a lot of character and personality, charisma, and gives you that bit of live performance aesthetic to the point where it makes you want to see them rock it out in front of you.

The course of this track sticks with you for quite some time and you end up humming it to yourself later on if not singing the actual words aloud.

This is indeed one of those sing-along songs you end up singing right along with that last chorus without even realizing it.

The track shows some vivaciousness, and it comes through with a lighthearted and almost freeing style which is something I really enjoyed.

It's refreshing to hear a track that's influenced by classic rock but keeps to a more updated indie rock and even yes, I'll say it, desert rock feel while remaining balanced with those classic influences that help create the sound in the first place.

This was a very well woven track from Desert Kites and I'm going to look forward to hearing more from them.

Check out the track when you can because it's definitely worth your time.

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