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A New Release from Sepsiss Hits Hard

A new release from Sepsiss brings out a lush and hard-hitting metal and alternative rock backbone that's laced with these edgy and melodic vocals that deliver a particular sort of persona that you really end up latching on to quickly and the whole thing builds an atmosphere that comes through with a vast but hard rock feel.

"Romance and Reality" certainly comes from a real place lyrically and you can hear that almost emotional drive in the vocal performance from beginning to end but the band gives it this sort of drive and lets everything push the envelope as much as possible with not only that heaviness but also with these experimental progressions and sections that let this band stand out.

There's something about this track that also gives me a little bit of a nostalgic feel almost like underground alternative rock bands from the late 90s and I absolutely adore this factor.

The track also gives off a very robust energy that feels almost like a live performance and it's as if everyone in the band is feeding off of each other and that's why this comes out feeling so alive and breathing at times.

This was a massive single that speaks volumes for this band and shows that they can create a song that has a hard-hitting edge but also a lot of color and catchiness and can completely balance those two things dynamically so that it works in such a forward-moving flow.

I love the layers of vocals that come through on this track and how they're screaming here and there as well, showing that aggressive undertone.

The guitar tone on this track is spot on and can change from time to time depending on the part of the song which helps the arrangement come through the way it needs to but it never loses that heart or persona that it began with in the first place and that might be the most important part of it all.

This band feels and sounds like the kind of bands that I grew up listening to and it gave me the warm fuzzies inside as soon as the song came on because that aesthetic is nailed so well.

This isn't something I think they do on purpose, I think this is just how the different band members bring their influences to the table and those influences combined are what create this sound.

After listening to the single, I wanted to find out more about them so I listened to some of the previous releases I found on Spotify, and the songs are packed with memorable riffs and tones, brutal energy, and this same robust character. I love finding a band that I love and being able to follow their evolution of songwriting, and this band has a first release starting in 2020 on Spotify followed by an album shortly after.

All of that stuff was amazing but three singles leading up to this one that are outstanding and if you like one of their songs, you're going to love them all guaranteed.

I'm going to give this release and the entire band itself an 8 out of 10 easily because not only do they know how to write a banger of an alternative rock single but they know how to do so with the radio-friendly appeal and a certain kind of theme that sticks.

I love a band with a staple sound and this is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about.

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