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A new Release from Dirty Slippers

A fresh single release from Dirty Slippers delivers a lush and memorable pop-rock sound but it also comes with a certain kind of warmth and almost cinematic backbone that gives it color and a vivacious and fun performance from beginning to end.

"On Top of the World" is the type of song that gives you a little bit of a nostalgic feeling because it does have the sort of 90s Indie pop rock feel to it and when you hear it it almost has the effect a jingle would where it gets stuck in your head for a really long time and this comes from its catchy and upbeat character.

The track is in need a lot of fun, it's super danceable, and it's got loads of hugs both musically and vocally that come through harmonious and robust but with this great sort of subtle undertone to it all.

I also dig the fact that it has a live performance sort of vibe to it but really, it's that colorful delivery in arrangement that grabs you because it feels almost like something you may have heard before. There's a little bit of a familiarity to it and I enjoy that a lot because it feels like a fresh spin on a classic genre and approach.

Along with that '90s kind of pop-rock appeal, it also does have elements of songwriting that feel like if they were from the 70s even so you kind of get these different influences that all build the song up and it does have some great drive to it along with that color and that character, so the energy is pretty much perfect throughout the whole track.

You also get a little element of post-punk in there at times and that also gives hints of nostalgia especially if you grew up in a certain time. And listen to a lot of that kind of stuff.

I definitely dig the approach and robust sort of lushness at this track has, and by the end of the track you will likely find yourself singing along to that chorus.

Also, this is an amazing driving song because it just has these great positive vibes to it that feel welcoming and warming in a way.

The whole thing was put together with a certain level of heart, and you can tell these guys are having a blast doing their thing because that comes through in the song heavily.

I would definitely suggest checking this track out and if you listen to it first thing in the morning, which is something I did, then it'll set a great time for the day.

I can hear the song in the soundtrack of a rom-com super easily and that vibrant and wistful approach comes through charming to see the least.

Check this check out as soon as you can, and you certainly won't be disappointed anytime soon.

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