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A new EP from wht.rbbt.obj

wht.rbbt.obj, a Chicago-based duo comprised of a husband and wife, embodies the spirit of rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes and The Black Keys in their latest EP, Whiskey Hotel Tango. The EP kicks off with "Love On Hold," a track characterized by crunchy guitars, an organic rock drum sound and vocals that exude soulfulness and catharsis. It's an explosive, seductive piece that hits exhilarating peaks. "Keep You Like A Secret (Tidal Wave)" unveils a silky sound with an interplay between piano, vocals and a dry drum kit. While the instrumentation impresses, the spotlight seems firmly on the vocalist, and as the song progresses, the added instrumentation, notably the organ, blends perfectly within the mix. "No Rainbows In Indiana" exudes a classic vibe, rooted in classic and blues rock, reminiscent of an early '70s sound, except for the guitar, which veers into Joe Satriani territory with a strong blues influence in the solo. The band continues to showcase their prowess with "Queen’s Gambit," a track that feels like a potential B-side to "Love on Hold." A personal favorite emerges in "Give It To Me," the most upbeat track in the collection, inciting an urge to dance. The synergy between the bass and guitar stands out as particularly noteworthy. wht.rbbt.obj emerges as the real deal, demonstrating an impressive level of musicianship. The band's delivery is on point, and their vocalist stands out as one of the most exceptional talents in recent memory.

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