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A New and Alluring Single from Fab$

Updated: Apr 20

A recent single release from Fab$ delivers an atmospheric and vast undertone with R&B tie-ins that really create a soulful and forward-moving flow with a lush allure and the whole track is sort of oozing with personality and sensuality.

"Role Play" really pulls you in quickly and is built with this almost cinematic back on at times because it comes with an ambiance a classic beat, pianos, and keys that float through the ether of the song all building this sort of atmosphere that you fall right into.

This track was delivered with such a heavy vibe to it and it comes with as much color as it did edginess and a very particular energy that pulls you away from your surroundings and puts you in another place altogether which is one of my favorite aspects about it.

I loved how there are these vocal melodies that bring things together playing through the background of the track because those vocals are used almost like instruments themselves and layer extra melodies into the mix.

This track comes off with tons of character attached to it and the whole thing has a wonderful way of sort of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

I love this approach because not only is she a sort of tempting you into the song but she's also showing you a piece of her personality which is something a lot of artists should be doing right now.

Upon listening to this track, I decided to dig into some of the artist's back catalog and I'm glad that I did because she has several outstanding single releases getting back to 2021 and each one shows a little bit of a different side of her personality, her songwriting approach, and this gives you glimpses into her life in a very unique sense.

She has actually released quite a lot in that time and it's fun to listen to the evolution of her songwriting.

Listening to her full catalog shows her expansive approach to delivering her tracks and the arrange from R&B, hip hop, and more so you're getting this huge spectrum of music coming from one artist.

One of the things that I found unique about this particular single is that part of it is spoken word and that is a huge part of its allure as well.

This was a sort of in-depth peek into a certain aspect of who she is and how she rolls and the single serves as a testament to where she's at right now musically but listening to you even more to hold on to.

This is an artist who showcases herself a different way and isn't afraid to release music with fewer boundaries than the norm which I find admirable and progressive.

Check this track out when you get a chance and while you're at it take a swim through some of her songs released previously because you will likely dig a lot of those tracks as well.

I definitely look forward to whatever Fab$ is releasing next and if I were you, I'd be keeping an eye out for it too.

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