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A Massive new release from Von Loop

A brand-new single from Von Loop gives off a very vast but also driving and edgy alternative rock track that has the spaciousness to it while it hits with a crazy energy and the sonic presence of the whole thing just surrounds you so you can sort of swim through the ups and downs and the swells and sways of it all.

"Rocket Fly" blends this sort of animated tonality with an aggressive rock vibe in its underbelly and it has the ability to feel like it's alive and breathing because before it explodes back into these highly intense and wild sections, it has calming moments like the calm before a storm for example and that's exactly what those moments serve as.

All of this works like a charm because the song has such a unique approach but it's that approach that makes the song so addicting and massive feeling.

Between the guitar tones and especially the drumming, this track has a robust energy to it that you just can't look away from.

The sonic tonality of this track is unmatchable, and I'm amazed at how they're able to sort of thrash out with such a high octane and such fire while keeping the song so vast at the same time.

These two elements normally don't go hand in hand but on this track, it works so well it's incredible.

I adore the vocal performance because it follows along with the intensities and the calm points of the track itself giving it at that added drive and building on the song's persona.

The drumming is absolutely stellar throughout the whole track, and it helps the whole thing push the envelope just a little bit more so that it hits these peaks of almost staggering wildness, and it all comes through fierce but still put together.

This is a cross between pop punk, alternative rock, pop rock, indie rock, and even more and it's all mended together in a very unique way.

When I hear a song like this I think about the mixing process and how adding reverb and wetness to certain areas of the track really help make this thing sound as big as it does.

I don't think a lot of people realize how much the mix of a track like this comes into play but if everything were just dry for example, a song wouldn't even sound the same at all.

That vastness would be gone, and I think the aesthetic of the song would be lost a little bit.

The mix here however is spot on and whoever was in charge of that completely understood the mission, so the song came through with all the sweet spots and soundscapes that it was supposed to.

This was a different approach to rock in general and although it's not reinventing the wheel, it is giving it a unique spin and tonality to the point where it becomes a little bit addictive.

Listen to this track nice and loud or better yet, listen to it with headphones because I think that's even a better way to listen to it so you can hear all these elements that are happening in the song.

I listen to this one a few times to pick up on everything and I'm glad that I did.

Check this out when you get a chance and see how it affects you.

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