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A Massive New EP Release from Tamala Park Book Club

In a new EP release from Tamala Park Book Club, the band covers a range of genres from pop and alternative rock; to pop punk and a bit in between as well but it's all delivered with this wonderful vibrancy and color that makes things extremely fun and addictive.

The Ginger EP consists of three tracks and each one showcases a little bit of a different side of how the band writes and performs their songs.

The EP starts off with the title track which is more of the pop punk approach, and it comes at you with sonically driving guitars, which stick throughout the record itself, and a great sort of bounce to it.

This is a perfect introduction to the record because it does start showcasing some of the outstanding guitar work that you get to hear more of when you listen to the full ep, along with the band's wickedly fun and hard-hitting energy.

This is one of the biggest things to me because that energy level is really what gives the record its drive to an extent.

You get lush vocal harmonies that are belted out in an array of colors and tones along with hard-hitting drums that blend a looseness with a tightness so that the songs can sort of breathe.

The second track is called "Mistake", and this is an acoustic based song, but it still has those really smashing drums and the combination of the clean and acoustic guitars along with those just massive sounding drums is Stellar.

This is an awesome track because it still has that edginess, mostly because of the drums of course, but it keeps to a rock undertone even though the song is clean.

The vocals on this had a beautiful layer of texture and melody to everything and it delivers a lot of character and personality which I think this band is oozing in the first place anyway.

By the time you get to the third song, "Homecoming" you begin to pick up on all the honesty there is on the record and that character becomes super evident.

I love this blend of different rock genres because you do have a pop rock of course, but you also have classic rock influences, and so much more, and you can kind of hear that each band member has a little bit of their own influence to bring to the plate which lets the pallet of the record feel a bit eclectic but make perfect sense at the same time.

This EP speaks volumes for Tamala Park Book Club, and it's made me pay a lot of attention to the band themselves.

After listening to this EP, I took a little bit of a deep dive into their back catalog and I'm glad that I did because there are a handful of eps and singles that really show how the band knows how to have fun and you can also sort of hear a bit of an evolution from when they started up to now.

Whenever I find a band that I enjoy I love to follow that evolution and this band is a perfect example of doing that with.

It's incredibly fun and there are tons of songs that are catchy, personal, and show a lot of charisma.

This was a wonderful EP that blended a color with an edginess, took tons of rock sub-genres and rolled them together, and gave heart and authenticity while remaining catchy and heavy when they wanted to be.

You have to listen to this full ep to get the spectrum of what it has to offer.

I'm sure you have the time, so get at it.

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