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A Lush Single from MATD featuring Johanna

A lush new single release from MATD bends genres at free will by bringing together elements of rock, pop, and contemporary, and it all comes together to create this vast atmosphere that you end up falling right into as it's all delivered with such a unique character and story that you get attached to right from the get-go.

"Driftwood of Love" has this almost Fantastical and rustic undertone to it that comes across with an orchestrated progression and soundscape that takes you away from your surroundings for a moment in time and puts you into a totally different place.

This track serves as a great escape for a moment in time and that to me in itself, is a gift from music.

The song is robust with a wondrous array of instrumentation from synths and keys, pads, strings, guitars both acoustic and electric, and piano plus these vocals that add a level of almost dreaminess to the track and it's all these things combined, and how they complement each other that makes this thing work.

The song boasts such a unique aesthetic and once you're in this world, you don't really want to leave.

I love that there are elements of hard rock behind this rustic and almost Celtic tonality with these smooth string sections and sort of hard-hitting drums.

I absolutely adore this combination of textures and how everything comes together so well.

This is the kind of thing that makes me think about how important the mix of the song like this must have been.

To be able to take all these bright instruments and make sure that everything is dynamically balanced so that you can not only hear all of them, but the ones that are supposed to be more prevalent at different times do exactly that.

The mix of a song like this is intricate and I think that it's done extremely well here because the whole aesthetic of the song and what it was meant to be comes through perfectly.

This release certainly showcases the group's level of heart and how this combination and collaboration if you will work like a charm.

I say collaboration because the track is listed as MATD featuring Johanna which leads me to believe that she's not the constant singer for the group and this was indeed a collaboration between those two.

Either way, this was beautifully done, and I think that they should be working together a lot more and perhaps even creating an entire album.

I think Johanna's vocals complement the musical aspects of this track incredibly well and they have fallen upon something unique. shows charisma, depth, and has this particular theme to it that sticks, and is done with as I said before, a sort of fantastical element that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

This was a gracefully performed and intricately written track that feels completely natural and forward-moving with a fluency and color to it that is unmistakable.

I certainly appreciate music that gives a source of escapism even if it's for a few minutes only and this track gave me that and more.

Come take a listen to the single and while you're at it check out more from MATD as they have several outstanding releases under their belt that have been being dropped on Spotify since 2020 and each one is a little different from the last.

Take a deep dive into this one and see how it affects you.

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