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A Lush Indie Rock Single From Philip Coat

The latest single release from Philip Coat brings out a lush indie rock soundscape that delivers a very memorable progression and vocal melody that has a wonderful way of bouncing around in your head for hours after the song has ended.

"Guilty Eyes" has something that I've missed in music for quite some time which would be musical hooks.

The track has a great chorus that hits just right with this almost cinematic backbone and a certain vastness that lets the song sort of feel alive and breathing in its own way, but it also has these guitar hooks that become an essential part of the song itself almost as much as the chorus does.

This is a classic style of songwriting that I feel like has been lost in terms of rock music for some time.

I love that this track takes me a little bit of a journey and when you listen to it you sort of escape into it and forget about your own surroundings for a little while.

This is yet another aspect that I miss about music that used to be delivered all the time.

Listening to the song is like reading a chapter of a good book and when you have to come back to your own reality again you have to sort of shake it off.

There's a lot of cool aspects of this track especially in terms of the soundscape of it and there are a few surprises around some of the corners, but the track definitely has these. kind of layers that can be peeled back as the song unfolds.

There's also something about it that feels like walking through an open desert and feeling relieved as the night falls.

Maybe that's all part of that cinematic undertone I was speaking of earlier.

The track comes through as lush because of all the great guitar instrumentation that's done throughout it as there are certain guitar parts that serve as these notes that float in the ether of the song.

The single definitely has a bit of its own atmosphere but I think that's a lot of its appeal.

I do really like a song that takes you on a little bit of a musical Journey and that's exactly what this song does and does so with a certain charm as well.

The song also has a little bit of an air of mystery to it and I think that actually just comes from the music more than the lyrics.

This makes it even more alluring and the whole thing really came together in such a graceful way that you can sort of get engulfed in it which feels great to do.

The little hints of '90s radio rock and underground progressive rock are both evident and thrive throughout certain sections of this track and some of that feels almost nostalgic in a strange way.

This was a very enjoyable song on many levels, and I would definitely suggest checking this one out as we would give it an 8 out of 10 easily.

If you're into clean cut indie, progressive, or almost even a gypsy rock, then this is definitely for you.

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