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A Lush Indie-Pop Single from Shaper's Florist

A fresh new single from Sharper's Florist brings on a lush and atmospheric blend of indie pop, dream pop, and a slew of vintage sounds that are Incorporated throughout the track keeping the forward-moving flow smooth but giving hints of nostalgia as it happens all with the character and persona that you end up really loving by the end of the song.

"Caroline" is a drifty song that feels open, breezy, and cinematic with this beautiful set of textures that blend to create an atmosphere that you fall right into from the get-go.

I absolutely adore how the sound of this track came out because it's really big but subtle at the same time with layers of keys, synths, guitar, and more just meshing together and the whole thing sort of keeps you floating a few inches above the ground the whole time.

The track is riddled with character indeed and I feel like there's some honesty to this track, like it came from someplace authentic as he tells the story and you end up finding yourself listening carefully to this track in terms of the lyrics especially but as it's all unraveling you realize the song has an amazing arrangement and has a particular way of sort of building as it plays on to the point where by the time you get to that last chorus it's just gigantic but still smooth and sort of silky and the approach.

Everyone can get down on the track that's completely danceable but also has a vast undertone and just this sort of youthful and vibrant vibe to it that gives off a lot of color with hints of edginess but it's all very sort of bubbly in a way.

What I mean by that is, the song has charm, and this is part of that persona I mentioned earlier, and I feel like it's part of the staple sound for Sharper's Florist as a whole.

I enjoyed this track so much that I had to go back and listen to some of their previous releases which I'm glad I did because upon doing so I came across a short EP called Dukes released last year that has a wondrous way of sticking to that vast and almost cinematic tonality with a touch of emotional drive along with another single release the same year called "Bummer" and what I found was that they do indeed have a staple sound to their approach but they also show a little bits of different sides to their songwriting with each release date put out and there's a good chunk of material starting from 2019 that you can go back and listen to none of which is filler.

These guys take a sort of classic approach and use vintage key and synth sounds with their songwriting along with flowing pads and vocals that sit just atop the music in the mix but add just as much melody to the song most of the time.

I would highly recommend you start with the single and then work your way back through their catalog so you can listen to the evolution of their songwriting from when they started up to now.

There's a ton of amazing songs in there.

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