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An Impactful New Single from Marc Erickson

A single release from Marc Erickson delivers a very robust and honest message that makes sense for all generations because it speaks out to us as human beings and this track is delivered with a very authentic classic rock aesthetic that feels genuine and like something you've been listening to for years on the radio.

"Imagine A Happy Ending" is a bit of an existential track and that's because Marc is trying to get us to understand and think about what we do as people and how we can make the world a better place together by the choices that we make.

This is why I said the track speaks volumes for us as people and for all generations not just right now.

It's been quite some time since I've heard a song with this much impact and such a beautifully and gracefully performed folk tonality and even the way the track was recorded and mixed gives off that aesthetic from something that was done in the 60s.

I enjoy songs that help us open our eyes to certain things and this song does exactly that, but it also bears such a robust character as well, especially in the vocals and how they're performed because you can tell there's a little bit of emotional drive in there as well, so the topic is something that means a lot to the artist.

As the track plays on it grows in intensity and musically as well as vocals become more full-bodied and percussion starts kicking in, the base comes through, and the entire song starts to become engulfing in the best ways possible.

These are the aspects that give this track a sort of cinematic field to me and this was done with a lot of heart which shines through with every note played.

The upfront and backing vocals both have this slight reverb on everything which helps that classic 1960s aesthetic as well, but the entire song was written in arranged in that frame of mind and this is part of why it comes through so perfectly.

This track was wonderfully impactful and the best way you can think of, and it is for young and old to really soak in which is the most beautiful part of it all.

This is timeless.

Now, part of the reason this song has so much impact and so much deep thought and freeing openness lyrically is because Marc Erickson is someone who believes that music has the power for positive thought and impact.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter originally from Nebraska, has a wonderful way of encouraging the listener with his words especially.

Again, this is music with a message, and I feel like we can all use this right now no matter who you are, how old you are, the color of your skin, your background, or your class so to speak.

This is a message for all and it's delivered in the best way that the artist knows how. Through his music.

This is part of what true art is all about. The ability to send a message or affect somebody with what you're doing.

I truly miss music like this and I'm so glad to be writing about this song and this artist right now because now is a good time as it ever has been for a message like this to come across and for a song like this to be put out into the world.

Take a look at our Interview with the artist HERE.

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