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A Gorgeous New Single from Syd Rose

A beautiful new single release from Syd Rose brings out a lush and colorful but completely honest soundscape that's built with a warming backbone comprised of acoustic guitar, piano, and more but the entire song is delivered with this particular character, and this is really what you end up getting attached to from the start.

"Structural Damage" is performed with such a wondrous vocal approach where she uses them almost like instruments at times, brings out beautiful harmonies, and also gives off these lively bends and sways to the point where it lets the song feel full-bodied and almost dreamy at times.

This release gives you undertones of an almost theatrical approach and the energy on it seems like you're watching a scene in a play or a live performance of the song itself.

There is such a blending of textures throughout this song that in a way, it keeps you floating a few feet above the ground the entire time and this is something that I adore about it because although it's real, where you can tell it came from an emotional drive or inner thought process from Syd herself, it also has a little bit of a fantastical feel to it at the same time.

This is a very unique song lyrically and the way that she describes things lets you almost paint vivid pictures in your head as the song comes through almost like a certain chapter in her life and she's giving that out into the world.

This I love because a good artist will give you pieces of themselves, and Syd certainly has her own way of doing that.

This is a pop release, but it has this contemporary undertone, it brings in elements of jazz, and has its own sort of atmosphere that's very easy to get engulfed by and washed away with.

You get hints of Americana with some rolling snare drums that are lightly delivered and some of the guitar work gives off that same vibe it is blended in with that jazz and that pop as well so it's very well balanced dynamically especially.

This is a song you can read into and peel back some layers with because she is getting personal lyrically and she's saying things that she wants people to hear to the point where I feel like this may have been even cathartic for the artist to write and release but for the listener, it could be very relatable.

When I listened to it, certain memories popped into my head and for that connection to happen is kind of amazing to me.

Now, this single as far as we can tell, is going to be part of a full EP that's to be released this coming May and we certainly look incredibly forward to that one but while we wait, this song should certainly hold us over.

Upon listening to it I had to listen to her previews for these called "Half the Things I Said" which was dropped last year, and this does boast some of the same elements that the new single does but in a different way and a much jazzier approach on the guitars this time.

Still a wonderfully colorful and catchy pop overtone and this alluring and sort of smooth vocal delivery that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

Check out "Structural Damage" and do it with headphones because it's one of the best ways to soak it in if you ask me.

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