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A Fresh Single from Shawna Virago Has Arrived

A new release from Shawna Virago blends a righteous fuzz tone feel and indie rock approach with some classic songwriting undertones to create something that feels almost timeless in its own way, but it's all done with an amazing character that she brings forward right from the get-go.

"The Barman's Daughter" brings together elements of genuine classic rock from the bassline to high-energy guitar sections and it also brings into play this drum beat along with certain vocal melodies combined together to make an almost 1960s or even 1950s songwriting style show face as well and these are both intricate parts of the song that give it this wonderful color.

One of the things I love about this track is the sheer fact that Shawna can give back to some of her influences listening to music growing up and you can tell by the way she plays that guitar and the way the song is written that this is like almost a love letter to those kinds of tracks and those kinds of artists from back in the day.

The guitar work is stellar on this track and maybe that's her first instrument or her main one at that but either way, you can tell she loves the craft of songwriting and can put something out there that has an impact and really just rocks with an energy of a live performance.

You do indeed get that live performance vibe from this track, and she just tears it up but in her own way.

Maybe some of this was actually recorded live on the floor. I'm not really sure but either way it definitely makes you want to go see this live because if the energy is captured this way on record, then seeing her performing live must just be amazing.

Now as far as we can tell this track is just one of many songs to be released on an upcoming LP so it's important to keep your eye out for Shawna in the coming months.

Upon listening to this song, I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deeper dive into the artist's back catalog and I'm glad that I did because there's definitely a lot of very honest and very upfront but diverse releases that she's got out there under her belt and the releases on Spotify day back to 2009.

When I find an artist, I like I find it very fun to kind of go back in time and listen to their releases up to now so you can hear their evolution as an artist and as a person and there was a lot of evolving going on with Shawna.

The best part is it's all on record as she feels free to let her feelings loose and her inner thoughts be out in the open for the world to soak in and I think that's a beautiful thing for an artist to do no matter what the genre may be.

Getting back to this single however, the song showcases an artist that has a serious presence, and it comes through vivacious and alive which is something that I miss in all kinds of music so to hear it now is rejuvenating in a way.

I adore this artist and this song in particular but really hope that I hear more of it on the full album that's set to release which I'm sure I will.

If you like vivacious and unhinged rock music that doesn't take itself too seriously but does an amazing job of delivering character and a genuine approach, then this is 100% for you.

Check this out when you can and turn it nice and Loud, trust me it sounds even better that way.

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