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A Fresh Banger from Hard To Explain

A new single release from Hard To Explain brings out an electronic metal feel that hits hard but also has a great undertone to it that brings on a little bit of a cinematic platform and in doing so it becomes a little expansive and the combination of electronic synths and guitars along with melodic vocals really build an outstanding track.

"Answers From the Ashes" is the type of song that you listen to more than once so that you can soak in all the elements because there is a vastness and an almost fantastical element to this track and that ambient feel is a big part of how it takes you into their world.

You do indeed get a little bit of hardcore screams in there but they're a few and far between and they help balance that edginess with the color of the truck as a whole and how it comes through with this anthemic power and impact.

The hook of the song definitely sticks with you for a very long time and sometimes you feel like you need to listen to the song again just to kind of satiate that which I love about the song.

The chorus certainly gets embedded because it's right in your face and hits enough times to be incredibly memorable and that combination of an almost synth wave feel that is always in the song's ether is an important factor of why this track wraps itself around you.

It's got a bigger sound than just a straight metal track or a hardcore track, but it does bring heavy alternative rock and metal elements into the mix in a tasteful manner so that everything is very well balanced dynamically and the song has a very forward-moving flow.

The song displays great energy from beginning to end with a fiery punch and these vocals that sort of float atop the song and add this extra layer of melody that brings everything together.

This was quite a banger and did an amazing job of just showcasing this band's ability to create songs that have that fast and bigger tonality as they bring together a slew of subgenres of heavy rock in general and balance that on top of an electronic and synth-based foundation.

After listening to this track, I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive through their back catalog of releases and I'm glad that I did because they have a bunch of singles released starting from 2022 and each one shows a little bit of a different side of the band songwriting and attitude but also shows you some of the evolution of how they got to this track.

A really powerful band and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing whatever they think up next.

Turn this track nice and loud and you'll find yourself singing along with your fists in the air in no time.

This track is a complete banger.

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